July 6, 2022

Winter skincare routine

INDIANAPOLIS — Although we haven’t been having the snowiest winter, it definitely has been rather…

INDIANAPOLIS — Although we haven’t been having the snowiest winter, it definitely has been rather chilly. Has your skin been feeling dry? Itchy? Not sure what to do about it? We have a perfect skin care routine for you for those cold winter months, brought to you a by local professional.

Moisture, moisture, MOISTURE. Skin is made up of multiple layers including different sugars, proteins, acids, lipids, and fats which all come together to prevent water loss through the skin. Needless to say, keeping your skin supple is rather important.

So, what’s the proper winter skincare routine?

“There are a couple things you should do just to adjust your routine from season to season,” explained Brooke Rozens, licensed esthetician and owner of The Indy Esthetician.

Switching to a cream-based cleanser in the winter and to avoid any foaming cleanser, which will be a little more stripping and drying to the skin, is rather vital to a winter skin care routine. Rozens says these tend to be more for oily skin types. “People will more oil-based skin, in the winter, cream-based is going to be the way to go,” she said.

After cleansing the skin, Rozens suggests a hydrating mist. “Again, this can contain hyaluronic acid, CBD, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E,” she explained, “These will all help bind moisture to your skin.”

To finish out the routine before moisturizing, Rozens suggests a hydrating serum. “I recommend incorporating some type of hydrating serum in the morning and at nighttime.” Brooke recommends something with hyaluronic acid, squalene, or glycerin, all ingredients to hydrate the skin. Make sure you put this serum on BEFORE your moisturizer, she says.

Rozens wants to make it clear that visiting a professional, such as a dermatologist or licensed esthetician is highly recommended to receive an accurate reading of your skin to determine the best routine for your specific skin type and skin condition.

“As far as your moisturizer, I recommend upgrading that a little bit,” said Rozens. “So, something with ceramides in it would be good.”

You also want to make sure you’re exfoliating your skin 2-3 times a week. “Whether that be a scrub, you can only use a scrub, though, if you don’t have active acne. So in that case, you would use a chemical exfoliant like lactic acid or glycolic acid,” Rozens explained. Exfoliating helps gets rid of the dead skin cells that sit on your skin.

At nighttime, Rozens would say, to seal things off, to use an oil or skin balm. This is to create a protective barrier on your skin when you are sleeping. Investing in a humidifier is not a bad idea either.

Why does my skin even get dry in the wintertime?

“Believe it or not, a lot of people think that the weather is what causes your dry skin but it’s actually the heat in your house, it’s stripping your skin because it’s so dry,” Rozens explained. Taking hot showers in the winter is not something Rozens says is the best for your already dry skin. “I know in the winter it’s nice to take a hot shower but that can strip your skin too and you’ll want to avoid any dry heat.”

What are some specific affordable products to help with the routine?

“At my spa, I use a company called GlyMed Plus. They have some really great products. But, if you’re looking for something at the store you can pick up real quick, I recommend Aquaphor.” Again, speaking with a professional will always get you started on the right foot.

What are the differences in skin care routines for darker vs. lighter skin complexions?

Rozens says there really isn’t a difference when it comes to skincare, the routine is rather universal. “The only thing you want to watch out for, if you have a darker skin complex, is estheticians unethically performing a chemical peel on your skin.”

How to take care of your skin properly in cold temperatures