December 7, 2021

Vegan cookbook on ways to reduce, recycle waste

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The librarians at our local library are so helpful! When I, Frank, find myself lugging several bags brimming with children’s books to the trunk of the car, I might occasionally grumble that the librarians have been too helpful. 

One day, librarian Ginny helped my eldest gather dozens of books on orcas. Her first-grade teacher Mr. Somers-Glenn had gotten her into the habit of using books to create Google Slideshow presentations about her research, and she felt like she needed to read as many as possible. (Continuing the ocean theme, a few weeks later my spouse, Kirstin, borrowed a bevy of books on whale sharks in preparation for a big art project.) 

Later, librarian Sam helped my youngest to find gentle graphic novels — very helpful when she was first dipping her toes into independent reading! The “Bunjitsu Bunny” series is full of clear-eyed moral philosophy and felt equally fun for both the children and adults in our household. I’d highly recommend them!

Food Fare: Transforming veggies, transforming ourselves

And when I was blathering (again!) about my fondness for golems, librarian Cidne recommended the fantasy novel “Foundryside,” which has an incredibly clever system of magic: objects are inscribed with words that reshape their responses to the laws of physics. (Even in our world, computer programming is rather like golem-crafting, with language causing inanimate objects to enact all sorts of life-like behaviors.)