July 5, 2022

US woman’s shocking footage shows man in ‘creepy’ act at gym

A woman has shared the terrifying moment a man aggressively approached her at the gym…

A woman has shared the terrifying moment a man aggressively approached her at the gym – angering millions online with the “sick” act.

A woman who shared terrifying footage of a man “harassing” her in a gym as she tries to workout has revealed he has been banned after footage of his behaviour went viral.

Chelsea Gleason posted the shocking clip of a man approaching her during a weights session, causing her to drop the heavy equipment and jump away in fear.

She explained the man had been “harassing” her for months, captioning the clip: “Being female is fun (:”

Her shocking encounter quickly blew up online, with her local Crunch Fitness gym quickly taking action and banning the man.

Many women among the 33.3 million viewers were able to relate to the clip, sharing their own experiences of unwanted male attention during workouts.

“I was just trying to workout when this happens,” Chelsie wrote in the clip.

“I’ve never met this guy and he’s been harassing me for months.”

Out of the corner of the screen, a man dressed in all black started circling Chelsie and trying to talk to her.

Trying not to engage with him, she continued: “This time I kept my headphones in and tried to ignore him.”

At first, this approach seemed to work and the man began walking away.

However he appears to change his mind, spinning on his heels and refusing to take no for an answer.

He starts aggressively pointing his finger and whispers in her ear that she’s a “traitor”.

Dropping her weight to the ground, Chelsie instinctively tells the man, “Don’t come here.”

The encounter prompted a flurry of support in the comments, which have over 45,000 to date.

“The gym should be a safe space for everyone, we’re sorry it hasn’t been for you lately,” one wrote.

“And people question why some of us go to all women’s gyms,” another said.

“That guy is dangerous,” one woman stated.

Others urged her to report the behaviour, before Chelsie revealed she had been contacted by the gym and the man had been banned.

“This made me sick to my core,” another wrote.

“Oh my God, he has no shame,” someone else suggested.

While some men were so outraged they shared the video along with a message for fellow men.

“Women are at the gym for them, not you,” user @adamwrightfitness said, describing it is frightening and infuriating.

“Apparently he doesn’t like rejection. Jesus Christ man, unbelievable.”

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