July 6, 2022

This EMOM Double-Header Will Push Your Fitness to a New Level


If there is a human in the UK that genuinely enjoys tough workouts more than Zack George, we would be surprised. The high-level CrossFit competitor, Fittest Man In The UK 2020 and CrossFit Games qualifier, your most-decorated MH Elite athlete is an EMOM-aholic. Nothing makes him happier than a gruesome amount of work repeated every minute, on the minute for a shockingly long time. He loves it.

Now you can love it, too. Or, rather, see if you can survive what constitutes just one of his two sessions every day apart from Sunday. Either way, this is an ideal way to put your physical and mental fitness to the test when you feel up to opening up the taps.

The first EMOM has three moves to be attacked alternately. So jump on the bike for the first minute and rest for the remainder. Then pick up the dumbbells for the second minute and hit your skipping in the third minute. Then repeat from the top again, and again, for 21 minutes.

Then move onto the ‘fun and easy’ second EMOM…

Avail yourself of Zack’s advice for navigating the workout as a whole, watch him demonstrate the movements and then find the full workout description below.


Pick reps and weights that let you complete your working sets (ideally unbroken), mentally prepare yourself that you aren’t going to get a full recovery so it’s all about managing fatigue and trying not to red line. If you need to break, break properly. As soon as you’ve failed to complete the work in a given round, rest for the entire next minute so you can recover enough to attack the following ones.


Double-unders under fatigue are all about maintaining a nice consistent rhythm, don’t worry so much about speed but rather about a nice smooth tempo (think jump, doubletap , jump, doubletap, jump, doubletap).


The second 10min EMOM is comparatively a lot easier than the first part, this is a key element of CrossFit, being able to follow up effort with effort.

This is a head down keep moving and one rep at a time piece. After the challenge of the previous section this can feel a bit monotonous and the thought of your post workout shake might be tempting, get these done – ideally you should be finishing these with 20s to recover.


21 minute EMOM of:

1) 18-Calorie Air Bike

Set up on the bike – your back should be straight and the saddle adjusted so you have a slight bend in the knee at the bottom (A). Go for a maximum-effort sprint for 10 calories, keeping your torso upright, head up and controlling your breath (B). Try not to flail around, basically.

2) 15 x Dumbbell Thrusters

Holding a pair of dumbbells on your shoulders, squat down, keeping your back straight and your chest up, until your thighs are beyond parallel to the ground (A). Stand back up explosively and, in one motion, press both of the dumbbells overhead to full lockout (B). Now, reverse the movement and repeat.

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3) 70 x Double-unders

In theory there’s little difference between a double under and a single. In practice, however, they’re a world apart. Begin by drilling your singles with a slightly higher jump than you need, as this extra time in the air will create the space to get the rope around again. Follow all of the technique points above, but this time you’re going to have to make some extra effort with the wrists. Start with just one double, then a dozen or so singles before attempting again, progressively begin to reduce the singles between attempts until you’re stringing them together.

Rest 2 minutes

10 minute EMOM of:

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1) 10 x Burpees-over-bar

With the barbell on the ground, step back and perform a full burpee, dropping down until your chest touches the floor (A). Stand back up and jump directly over the bar (B). Turn around to face the barbell and repeat.

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