August 9, 2022

Sara and Erin Foster Talk the Allure Store, Skin Care Regimes and Celebrity Beauty Crushes

Sara and Erin Foster are spilling some of their beauty secrets. The comedic sisters recently…

Sara and Erin Foster are spilling some of their beauty secrets.

The comedic sisters recently spoke to WWD about their visit to New York City’s Allure store, all things skin care and beauty and their successful clothing brand Favorite Daughter, which they launched in December.

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The duo, based in Los Angeles, revealed what they find most important when it comes to skin care, their go-to brands and why it’s crucial to embrace the natural aging process. Scroll on for more.

WWD: What do you love about the Allure Store?

Erin Foster: I really love having a really great, curated group of beauty products that you can trust. So, you come in here and you know that there’s a whole section of products that have the Allure Beauty Expert Award-winning stamp of approval on them, and to me, that does all the legwork for you. You don’t have to ask around [to] all your friends about what the best stuff is. You just walk into the Allure Store and if it’s there, you know it’s good.

Sara Foster: There’s such an oversaturation of products, and to Erin’s point, it’s so nice to have this one place where you can walk in and know that every single thing there works. I’m so tired of buying things that don’t work because I just walk in, I’m like, “Oh, I’ll take that. I’ll take that,” at random places. They have put so much effort and testing into figuring out what the best of the best is, and for it all to be in one place. I’m just jealous this isn’t in L.A.

WWD: What are some of your favorite Allure Store Best of Beauty winners?

E.F.: To me, Kjaer Weis — I never say it right — is a brand I’m really excited about. We also love Saint Jane CBD face oil and all those products. I’m also obsessed with the Vita Liberata Body Blur because it’s organic and clean, but it’s like a body makeup. I always need body makeup because I’m very pale.

S.F.: The body makeup, that’s my favorite. I wear that when I go on trips. Instead of getting a spray tan, I just put that on my legs. It’s really amazing and it’s clean, by the way. We love Ilia, too.

WWD: What are your skin care regimes?

E.F.: I have really incorporated a lot of clean beauty into my skin care routine. So I try to be really careful what products I use and what I put on my skin, because it goes right into your body. I use a toner and vitamin C in the morning and a lot of hyaluronic acid. I always say that wrong. Then always a good SPF. I’m very dry, so I go heavy on moisturizer.

S.F.: I look for ways to try to keep it simple. My mornings are really hectic. My nights are pretty hectic, putting my kids to bed. I try to keep it simple. I do prefer cream cleansers. I think essence is really underrated. It exfoliates, it moisturizes; it does all those things. I’m really loving niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, all these new ingredients that have proven to really make a difference, and eye cream and night cream.

WWD: What are some of your holy grail beauty products?

S.F.: The Hanacure mask — which 100 percent works — and then good old La Roche-Posay. The sunscreen is perfect.

E.F.: The Necessaire exfoliating body wash because you just forget that you need to constantly be exfoliating the skin on your legs and on your tush and on your arms. It makes my whole body radiate differently. It makes me less dry during the winter. I just love having a clean body wash that exfoliates, but it’s a very light exfoliation. Sometimes I’ve used exfoliators that have sea salts and stuff in them and little crystals, and it literally tears your skin apart. I think it’s too rough. It’s a really gentle one, but gets the job done.

WWD: What is one thing you cannot leave the house without?

E.F.: By Terry lip balm.

S.F.: Sunscreen.

WWD: What is one thing you highlight when it comes to makeup?

E.F.: My lips.

S.F.: My eyebrows.

WWD: Who is your beauty celebrity crush?

E.F.: Mine is Julia Roberts. I have no idea what her skin care routine is, but whatever it is, I just think that she is a natural beauty and she really represents women aging beautifully and gracefully. Obviously she has the advantage of starting out as a perfect human, but she looks like herself. I always think that you want a woman to look beautiful for her age, not younger than she is. The goal is not to look like you’re 20 for the rest of your life. The goal is to look like you’ve aged and accepted the aging process and embraced it and done your best to look beautiful the whole time, but not to try to actually look like you’re decades younger, because it ends up making you look older. As I get older, I’d rather look old than look weird.

S.F.: Erin and I really pride ourselves in finding products that work and products that keep our skin looking healthy and fresh so that we don’t go down that road. Erin and I try to keep it as natural as possible. I’ve said it before. I really love Gwyneth Paltrow, because you can see her skin when she goes out. She’s not clumped with makeup. She just looks like she does the work. It looks like she puts in the effort. She has very strict beauty rituals, and she sticks to it. She will go out with no makeup on. I mean, she has makeup like mascara and lip balm on, but you can tell that she puts a lot of effort into her skin.

WWD: It’s been nearly a year since you launched Favorite Daughter, how has that been going?

S.F.: I think we’re both really surprised at how the customer has responded and to your point, we aren’t even a year old. We’ll be a year in December. I think we really tapped into who our girl is, and she’s showing up, and she’s showing up at the pop-ups, and she’s showing up at Nordstrom and Anthropologie, and for us on our site. We’re grateful to have this opportunity because obviously there are a ton of clothing brands and we’re just constantly looking for ways to separate and stand out in this extremely oversaturated world of clothing brands.

E.F.: We’re really proud of how well we’ve done in our first year and we’re really grateful for people trusting us. We really are figuring out who our girl is, who the customer is, and what she likes and what she wants, and we’re doing our best to create items that are the highest quality with reasonable prices, because we do not want to price people out. We’re trying to make sweaters that feel like an $800 sweater, but actually is a $200 sweater.

WWD: Would you both ever consider venturing into the beauty world and doing your own line?

E.F.: Yeah, absolutely. To us, we never want to go too far, too fast. We’re really focused on Favorite Daughter and all of our other stuff and our investments. If it makes sense for Favorite Daughter to grow in that direction, then we would do it responsibly and at a pace that we could really manage and make sure that it has the right efficacy.

S.F.: It would just have to make sense. I think a lot of people jump really quickly to any opportunity and everyone wants a beauty brand. Everybody wants it, but it would have to really make sense for us. But I think for sure, down the line. Something that we would maybe want to do with Favorite Daughter.


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