August 17, 2022

NYC gym thief makes victim do a slow burn

Hold onto your yoga mats! An alleged New York City gym thief is free to…

Hold onto your yoga mats!

An alleged New York City gym thief is free to roam the streets — and locker rooms — despite a lengthy rap sheet that includes multiple arrests for fitness-center thefts, The Post has learned.

The supposed sticky-fingered defendant — Meghan Gilson, 34, of Brooklyn — is accused of stealing from at least four Manhattan gyms and has 20 prior arrests, including 17 for grand larceny, according to the NYPD and Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

“I can never return to a gym again because of her,” one traumatized victim, Anne Marie O’Dea, told The Post. “I have been affected emotionally and feel that my privacy was violated.”

The 51-year-old Chelsea woman was ripped off following an afternoon Jan. 4 workout at Crunch on West 23rd Street. Her belongings were lifted from her locker.

“When I was ready to leave, my entire purse which had my cell phone, eyeglasses, cash, bank card and state ID was stolen by this inconsiderate parasite,” the billing analyst posted on NextDoor.

To add insult to injury, when O’Dea went to pay for a drink at the gym, her card on file was declined. When she activated a back-up phone, it showed mysterious charges for Blink Fitness and Netflix. “When I went to the bank the following day to dispute the two charges, [the suspect] tried to make [another purchase] in the amount for $1,018 … which got declined,” the woman said.

Anne Marie O’Dea had her entire purse and all of its contents allegedly stolen by Gibson at a Crunch gym.

Investigators said they caught up with Gilson after reviewing Crunch’s video surveillance and the two phantom purchases made on O’Dea’s credit card. Investigators also reviewed a membership photo for the Blink Fitness membership and it was Gilson, investigators said.

Gilson was arrested Feb. 6 and charged with grand larceny, court papers show. At her arraignment the following day, she maintained her innocence, and a judge granted the DA’s recommendation for supervised release, the Manhattan prosecutor’s office said.

Gilson has been arrested six more times in Manhattan since her February collar, the DA’s office said.

Four cases are open and pending; In another, the DA declined to prosecute. The five cases include thefts from four gyms: on March 19 at Crunch Fitness in Cooper Square; April 3 and 5 at Crunch on East 34th Street, and July 27 at a gym on West 49th Street in Hell’s Kitchen, the DA’s office said.

The charges filed against Gilson range from petit larceny to grand larceny to criminal possession of stolen property. The prosecutor’s office never recommended bail.

Gibson has been arrested over 20 times since 2016 for various thefts.
Gibson has been arrested 20 times since 2016 for various thefts.

The DA consented to Gilson being released at her arraignment for the March 19 incident; thereafter, prosecutors recommended supervised release in the other three cases, court records show. Each time — most recently on Sept. 8 (for the July 27 incident) — a judge released Gilson on her own recognizance.

The NYPD confirmed Gilson has 20 arrests between 2016 and this year, 17 for grand larceny, two for petit larceny and one for failure to pay-service. “There are closed grand larceny patterns where she targeted unattended bags at various locations in Manhattan,” an NYPD spokeswoman said.

While Gilson roams free, O’Dea — who has not received restitution — does a slow burn.

In a Sept. 1 social media “update,” O’Dea included a grainy photo of Gilson and wrote: “Please post her [picture] to all gyms as she signs up for free trial memberships and helps herself to other people’s belongings. She has been arrested and is not serving jail time.”

Said O’Dea to The Post: “The system has failed me. … I do not know anything about the other victims but would like them to get some justice. My reason for posting is that she will continue to impact others and get away with it not facing the consequences.”

A Crunch spokeswoman said, “The safety and security of our members is extremely important,” but declined further comment “because this is a police matter.”

Neither Gilson or her attorney could be reached for comment.