August 19, 2022

Joe Jonas Shared the 30-Minute Workout That Keeps Him Shredded

Joe Jonas just revealed exactly how he stays so lean while on tour in a…

Joe Jonas just revealed exactly how he stays so lean while on tour in a new workout video, demonstrating the workout that he performs every single morning. It takes just 30 minutes, and while some equipment is required, he says it can technically be done anywhere with whatever you have to hand.

The workout consists of 2 minutes of jump rope and 1 minute of another exercise, performed for a total of 10 rounds. Jonas has shared his fondness for jump rope workouts before, showing off his “show day workout” (and six-pack) in a shirtless Instagram Reels video. Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular health, but it’s also good for building upper body strength and toning muscle.

For the first 3 rounds, Jonas follows the jump rope with a minute of pushups. First he does regular pushups, then switches to wide grip pushups for round 2, and a close grip variation for round 3.

For rounds 4, 5 and 6, he does 20 reps of jump squats with a kettlebell, then finishes off the minute doing a bodyweight version. Not got a kettlebell? No problem. “I’ve used my blender, I’ve used a heavy chair,” he says. “That’s part of the fun. If I don’t have gear with me, I just try to use what I have in the room.”

Round 7 is hammer curls and round 8 is bicep curls, and then for round 9, Jonas does hollow body rocks to torch his abs. “They suck,” he says, “but they work.” He closes out the workout with another 2 minutes on the rope.

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The clip was filmed as part of the Jonas Brothers’ new documentary Moments Between the Moments. The series, produced by all three Jonas Brothers along with James Gartshore Boulter, Phil McIntyre and John Taylor, catches up with the band on their ‘Remember This’ tour and explores their journey from teenage dreams to husbands and fathers. Fans can watch Moments Between the Moments on the new Watch Together service via Messenger and Instagram.

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