October 7, 2022

Get to know the Metaverse, the Concept of the Future Digital World

Metaverse is a concept of the future in the world of technology. The term metaverse…

Metaverse is a concept of the future in the world of technology. The term metaverse was widely discussed on social media shortly after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook’s parent company to Meta Platforms Inc. (Meta). 

Etymologically, metaverse comes from the word ‘meta’ which means ‘beyond’, and ‘verse’ which means ‘universe’. So the metaverse can be interpreted as a space filled with matter that goes beyond all things seen in this world. 

Meanwhile, according to Coinmarketcap, the metaverse is a virtual space created as a digital version of various aspects that exist in the real world, both human interactions and economic functions. There are some interesting things related to the metaverse, here are the explanations. 

  • The term metaverse has been around since 1992 

Although many have been explained and introduced by Mark Zuckerberg, the term metaverse is not new. This term has been known since 1992. 

The first person to coin the term metaverse was Neal Stephenson. He mentions the metaverse in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. 

In the novel, the term metaverse refers to a 3D virtual world inhabited by avatars of real people. According to Media Studies expert from Airlangga University (Unair) Rachman Ida, the metaverse concept itself is a development of a previously existing concept. 

“The concept of Metaverse is not really new, because in 2003 there was already a virtual world called Second Life which offered the concept of a virtual community that was created with the intention of connecting people without having to meet in person,” said Ida, quoted from the Unair website. 

The success of Second Life itself has been seen when companies like the International Business Machine Corporation (IBM), as well as hundreds of other companies, set up virtual offices there. 

  • ‘Life’ in the world of Metaverse 

Launching the CNBC Indonesia page, the metaverse can briefly be thought of as the internet rendered in 3D. If so far human life on social media has only stared at the screen, Zuckerberg describes the metaverse as a virtual environment that can be entered more realistically in 3D. 

You could say it is an interconnected virtual community where people can work, meet, play using virtual reality headsets, augmented reality (AR) glasses, smartphone apps, and/or other devices. 

  • Can go to concerts to virtual offices 

Even more interestingly, in the metaverse world, users can do things like go to virtual concerts, travel online, create or view artwork and try on digital clothes to buy. 

Even according to Zuckerberg, the metaverse can become a new system in the world of work such as shifts or work from home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In contrast to working virtually with video calls, in the metaverse employees can join together in a virtual office. 

Metaverse Campus 

The existence of a university in the Metaverse or Metaverse University is not only a marketplace, a place for trading or a playground, a place for playing certain games (in practice the learning atmosphere can be made similar to a market, or a playground to increase students’ understanding in learning in the virtual world), universities are places for the development of knowledge and skills. technology. Knowledge of science and technology in the real world is usually a property that has no value. 

Everyone can learn, and every student can learn, and every student can hear the Lecturer’s lecture in front of the class or meeting room, if the student is not satisfied and does not understand the subject matter, the student can ask for further explanations from the Lecturer in person.

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